side tracks

Roller Shade Light Gaps? Side tracks might be your answer

Do your roller shades let light through the sides? Roller shades can create gaps on the sides from the drive and idler sides. These gaps are necessary to allow the shade to go up and down but can create unwanted light on the sides. 

Essentially, sidetracks are L-shaped metal structures placed between the window and the blinds to block out light.

Types of side tracks

To match most window frames, sidetracks are primarily available in white, black, anodized, tan, and brown. They help define the shape and structure of the window, providing a nice border around it. 

Blackout effect

When you need a space in near darkness like a babies room or if you are a light sleeper, side tracks are a must. They allow you to blockout most of the light gaps that you would traditionally get with roller shades.

Side Tracks for Roller Shades

Designed to block 97% of light, the side tracks block light from leaking into the space. With the use of side tracks, you can easily close off the space and take advantage of all the features provided by roller blinds. Utilize side rails with your insulated blinds in order to optimize their performance.

Order your Side Tracks

Designers Resource provides side tracks to help improve the functionality of your space, increase privacy and control the amount of light coming through your blinds. If you would like more information, please contact one of our consultants.